Quick Coupling Valve built into the lawn

Quick Coupling Valve built into the lawn for watering the lawn and washing the car, etc.
Valve in dimensions: 3/4 “and 1”
Key for Quick Coupling Valve: 3/4 “

Reducing Set for Plasson fittings

Plasson enables the assembly of a wide variety of reduction couplings for PE pipes.
If the dimension of the reducing coupling does not exist,
it can be assembled using a reducing adapter, which is inserted into the: Coupling, Female/Male Adaptor, 90º Tee, Elbows, etc.
Adapter dimensions:
d x d1
25 x 20
32 x 20
32 x 25
40 x 20
40 x 25
40 x 32
50 x 25
50 x 32
50 x 40
63 x 25
63 x 32
63 x 40
63 x 50
75 x 63
110 x 63

End plug adaptor for coupling Plasson

Easy installation of quick couplings for PE pipes

Compression fittings animation (how it works)

-Easy installation
-no loose parts
-sealing independent of nut tightening (groove seal), which ensures long-term sealing
-proven long service life (high quality material, we are top experts in plastic casting)
-excellent resistance to extraction
-The coupling is firm and strong
-PN16 for all fittings from 16 to 125 mm
-Wide range of fittings as well as adapters for almost all types of pipes
-more than 35 years of excellent experience in various fields including raw environments

Compression pushfit animation (how it works)

Features and benefits of the PLASSON 1 Series include:
• No mounting tools required – easy to attach
• Compact size – can be assembled indoors
• Immediate sealing and joint integrity – seal in the groove and without tightening the nuts
• Full end load operation – no need to hold joints
• Transitional PE to internal plumbing systems – copper, PB and PEX in one connection
• Fittings can join different materials such as: PE, copper, PB and PEX
• 50 years service life – ensures complete reliability
• Shake-resistant design – ensures system integrity
• Reduced storage space
• Aesthetically designed product

PF Scraping tools

For preparation of PE pipes before electrofusion welding.

Polycode electrofusion welding machine

POLYCODE welding machine:
-welding of fittings up to 160mm (of any manufacturer)
-Bluetooth connection for navigation with a smartphone
-automatic recognition of welding time of Plasson jackets (SmartFuse mode)
-recording data for later processing
-easy to carry less than 14kg in a waterproof case
For sale and rent contact NRG d.o.o.
on the telephone number: 01 620 46 70

Repair coupling slip mode

Plasson sliding coupling features:
-Easy installation
– installation without the use of force
-excellent anti-traction system
-a very affordable solution for a reliable connection of PE pipes
-strong and solid high quality virgin PP (polypropylene) material
-50 years of experience in the field
-50 years factory warranty on the coupling

from DA16 to DA 110