Our activity is sales and technical consulting in the field of equipment for natural gas and water supply networks. NRG is the general representative of high quality global manufacturers. We build and maintain CNG filling stations to ensure their safe and uninterrupted operation.

We offer a wide range of gas and water valves and fittings made of steel and polyethylene, gas meters, regulators, electronic devices for measuring flow, pressure and temperature in gas and water networks, electronic methane detectors, and accessories for construction and maintenance of gas and water pipelines. We offer a variety of low-pressure and high-pressure ball valves, glands, connection assemblies, regulators and valves to natural gas distributors, water supply companies and assembly companies in Slovenia. We are suppliers of a wide range of products needed in the construction and maintenance of gas and water systems.

NRG builds and maintains CNG filling stations for clients in Slovenia. Since 2011, we have built six CNG filling stations, which we regularly upgrade and take care of their smooth operation.


Igor Pantar


Anita Magister

head of office, finance

Janja Čarman


Žiga Polenčič

head of the gas department

Gregor Steiner

head of service CNG filling stations

Aleš Černač

head of the water department

Tilen Vipotnik

water department

Aleš Watzak


Ljubiša Markanović

the gas department