Universal Slip Repair Coupler

-suits a variety of plastic & metal pipe materials

-each fitting designed to fit a wide range of diameters

-zero force pipe insertion

– can slide freely back & forth

-thick O-ring seal- compensates for poor pipe quality

-long sealing area – can bridge over damaged section or gap between pipes

Compression Pushfit Plasson Series1

Plasson Series 1 features and benefits include:
Aesthetically designed product – gives a professional finish to the job
• Assembly tools not required – simple pushfit assembly
• Compact size – can be assembled in confined spaces
• Instant seal and integrity of joint – captive seal and no nuts to tighten
• Full end load performance – no need to restrain joints
• Transition from PE to internal plumbing systems – Copper, PB, PVC and PEX
accommodated in one fitting
• 50 year design life – provides total reliability
• Tamper resistant design – ensures system integrity
• Reduced stock shelf space