CNG filling station Ljubljana, Cesta Ljubljanske brigade – LPP


This CNG filling station is a self-service, unmanned 24/7 facility. Two double dispensers enable the filling of buses, cars and trucks. Over 70 LPP city buses are refuelled daily at this CNG station.
In the ten years since its opening, this filling station has been upgraded several times. It features two extra powerful compressors, which allow for fast filling of buses, cars and trucks.


Technical information

Address Cesta Ljubljanske brigade 1, Ljubljana
Year of construction 2011/2016/2018
Compressor types
  1. Aspro IODM 115-3 (1300 m3/h)
  2. Aspro IODM 115-3 (900 m3/h)
Electric motor power 200/132 kW (soft start)
Dispenser 2 x CODEX NGV1 and NGV2
Payment system payment and internal cards